Know more about Cal

Cal Sheehy possesses the will, ambition, perseverance, passion, and the drive to lead Lake Havasu City.

Cal Sheehy will keep our city moving forward, while preserving the high quality of life that makes Lake Havasu City unique.

Cal Sheehy has a strong work ethic and a track record of proven leadership.


Cal Sheehy has a proven record for leadership in his community, as a volunteer, and in business. The City Council is regularly tackling issues that will impact the residents of Lake Havasu City.

Vision 20/20:

Cal Sheehy was a member of the Vision 20/20 Team and worked collaboratively with community members to draft a citizen led economic revitalization plan.


Mayor Sheehy is fiscally conservative and has a proven track record of approving conservative budgets while still building parks that have been championed by residents of Lake Havasu City and making key investments for our future.


Our region is once again experiencing great interest for development and growth. Lake Havasu City will experience growth and we will need to manage it responsibly.


Lisa K

Congratulations on a wise decision Cal (to run for reelection). Who knew what you’d have to deal with these past 2 years, but you’ve handled it so well.

Kerry R

I think you’re an excellent Mayor and I’m looking forward to supporting you with my vote

Chris H

Cal you have done an awesome job. You have my support.

Deb B

You certainly have our votes. You are doing a very good job!! Thank you!!