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Cal Sheehy possesses the will, ambition, perseverance, passion, and the drive to lead Lake Havasu City.


Cal Sheehy has a proven record for leadership in his community, as a volunteer, and in business. The City Council is regularly tackling issues that will impact the residents of Lake Havasu City. Cal Sheehy can work through all sides of an issue. This allows him to make an educated and informed decision that best protects the interest of Lake Havasu City residents, while achieving the desired outcomes for our community. Cal Sheehy is solution oriented. Cal Sheehy’s leadership skills will continue to be an asset as Mayor Sheehy works to find solutions that work best for our community.


Mayor Sheehy is fiscally conservative and has a proven track record of approving conservative budgets while still building parks that have been championed by residents of Lake Havasu City and making key investments for our future. He understands the tax revenues generated to operate City government are generated by the people and he will continue to act as a good steward of tax payer monies. Cal Sheehy’s experience as a member of the City Council combined with his business background and education give him the knowledge and ability to manage large budgets and revenues. Smart financial practices will allow our community to embrace and foster managed growth.


Mayor Sheehy serves on the Mohave County Water Authority representing Lake Havasu City. Lake Havasu City has been a leader in water reuse and water conservation and will continue to lead the way. Mayor Sheehy convened elected officials from across the state in an ad-hoc committee to discuss water and the areas in which we can all agree to help shape good water policy across the state. Mayor Sheehy will remain focused on protecting Lake Havasu City’s water entitlements and managing our precious water resources.


Cal Sheehy believes that all Lake Havasu City residents should have access to quality jobs that offer livable wages. Mayor Sheehy will ensure that local decisions are made in the best interest of job creation and seize opportunities to grow our economic base. Cal Sheehy believes that tourism is an important and driving force in our economy, but also knows that we must diversify our economy. A diversified economy will create more jobs and assist in stabilizing changes in market conditions.