A personal attack has been made against Mayor Cal Sheehy in his private role as General Manager of a Lake Havasu resort.  False accusations that are both dangerous and without merit have been made against Cal, stating that he is a pedophile.  These false claims led to a string of death threats wielded against him.  

This type of misinformation is prevailing across multiple media sources and cannot go unchecked.  Accusing an individual of a heinous crime without any evidence cannot simply be set aside.  

Cal has filed a lawsuit against the syndicated podcaster that has made these defamatory statements against him.  Please help Cal in his fight against misinformation and conspiracy theory rhetoric that has no place in Lake Havasu City.  Cal has always stood on principle and these kinds of statements & accusations cannot be allowed to pervade.  Allowing this type of behavior will only degrade the fiber of our community.  Please click “Contribute Now” to help Cal in his fight.